A 3D animation of an older stylish woman crouched before a black cat. They are both looking at each other.
Cats Only Live Once Best Friends Shelter NYC
Render of the kitchen scene from the animation Jingle Crumbs. 3 kids, one holding a baking tray full of baked biscuits
Jingle Crumbs! Studio Showcase
3D Still from the latest TV ad for the Car People, 'Quality and Value' showing Savvy Simon
The Car People TV, online and in store.
Close up of OG
The OG Studio Showcase
Render from Generated Mass series
Generated Mass Studio Showcase
Still of all GAME characters
Epic Season of Gaming GAME
still of the landscape from There's a damn snake in my house. Colourful orthographic landscape
There's A Snake In My Damn House Studio showcase
Render of The Ground Crew
The Ground Crew Studio showcase
Render of the Eat Me transformation from the Sugary Death Machine.
Sugary Death Machine Eat Me
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