Close up of Spaceman, CG hyper realistic render
Transmissions Studio Showcase
Render of La Perruque Puissante
La Perruque Puissante Studio Showcase
Illustration of 3d Robot composited into a photograph of a flyover at night.
Night Flyover Studio Showcase
Series of head shots from The Block Family artwork
Block Family Studio showcase
3d illustration of a character with motorcycle for the Lloyds TSB 'For the Journey' campaign.
For the Journey Lloyds TSB
3D characters composited into a giant pepper
Saison Kuche CG build & compositing
Photograph of Budgie adorning a CG dinosaur skeleton
Dino Bird Photography Collaboration
Crop of the Passenger final render
The Passenger Derek Melch
Final render of Cosmos for Photoby
Cosmos Photoby
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