Render of the kitchen scene from the animation Jingle Crumbs. 3 kids, one holding a baking tray full of baked biscuits
Jingle Crumbs! Studio Showcase
still of the landscape from There's a damn snake in my house. Colourful orthographic landscape
There's A Snake In My Damn House Studio showcase
Visible Human Healthcare Tech Demo
Group render of the characters from the animation
Intestinal Health Product Mode of Action
Frame from Polaroid animation for Contour
Contour Change is good
Image of character fist punching the air in trumph with the text Stop the block laid out in the background. End frame from the stop the block animation
Stop the block Gamification for social
Close up of Spaceman, CG hyper realistic render
Transmissions Studio Showcase
Render of Ready Rufus 3D character and louis 3D character having fun together in the house, during a sleep over
Ready Rufus Patient education
Production still showing lady reaching for sun glasses on table. Medical video production.
Small Victories Oncology congress film
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