Render of the kitchen scene from the animation Jingle Crumbs. 3 kids, one holding a baking tray full of baked biscuits
Jingle Crumbs! Studio Showcase
3d illustration of a character with motorcycle for the Lloyds TSB 'For the Journey' campaign.
For the Journey Lloyds TSB
Render of loo from Bloo TV Advert
Bloo For a happier loo
Render of La Perruque Puissante
La Perruque Puissante Studio Showcase
Still of all GAME characters
Epic Season of Gaming GAME
3D Still from the latest TV ad for the Car People, 'Quality and Value' showing Savvy Simon
The Car People TV, online and in store.
3d still of Herd & Bird
Herd & Bird A Sheffield Story
Series of head shots from The Block Family artwork
Block Family Studio showcase
final render of The glorious remains of Banapal The Third, with ceramic pot head underwater with trees and foliage and fish
The glorious remains of Banapal The Third Studio Showcase
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