3D characters composited into a giant pepper
Saison Kuche CG build & compositing
Still of all GAME characters
Epic Season of Gaming GAME
still of the landscape from There's a damn snake in my house. Colourful orthographic landscape
There's A Snake In My Damn House Studio showcase
Series of head shots from The Block Family artwork
Block Family Studio showcase
Render of the Eat Me transformation from the Sugary Death Machine.
Sugary Death Machine Eat Me
Close up of Spaceman, CG hyper realistic render
Transmissions Studio Showcase
Render of La Perruque Puissante
La Perruque Puissante Studio Showcase
Photograph of Budgie adorning a CG dinosaur skeleton
Dino Bird Photography Collaboration
3d illustration of a character with motorcycle for the Lloyds TSB 'For the Journey' campaign.
For the Journey Lloyds TSB
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