Characters from the Floogals composited into a kitchen scene


Read the project write-up This is the technical write-up

What we did

Character design, animation, compositing & post production. We also created the bible. Foundation TV supplied the live action footage and Bible copy. 

A lot of work goes into the design stage for kids IP. We love the Floogals and they are a great testament to creating quality characters that (as you can hopefully see!) have had many considerations at the design stage. It means when we're making them in 3d, we know exactly what they need to be. 

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Password: Floogals making of


Don't forget about your HDR's...

When it came to the trailer, we had to overcome some unexpected challenges with the supplied footage.

There was no available lighting data recorded from the shoot, which makes compositing a challenge to say the least. 

Lighting data is usually supplied in a HDR (High Dynamic Range) format and is key to ensuring accuracy and quality when composting into live action. 

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Consistency is key

Another hiccough was that light varied between shots, so there was no consistency- tricky to make compositing look realistic! To solve this we built each shot in 3d, using textures from the plates and worked out where the light would have come from and its approximate temperature.

Once we had created all the scenes in a 3d environment we animated Naa Naa, then isolated and rendered him only, plus his shadows and any extra lighting passes. We then composited him back on to the live action plates, which also required colour corrections, extra shadows, motion blur, camera noise, masking and depth of field to match the scene.

(in case you missed it, the password for the making of vid is: Floogals making of)

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Render of NaaNaa composited into kitchen scene
Read the project write-up This is the technical write-up