Series of head shots  of The Block Family characters.

Block Family

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Characters you're not likely to forget! 

We wanted to create a lively bunch of exaggerated characters that bordered on the grotesque, with a psychedelic look and smooth, flat textures for the models. 

Starting with the below artwork for print, the models were placed into a group shot and lit much like a photo shoot. We couldn't resist creating these head shots either; bright and punchy, they were perfect to showcase online across Facebook and Instagram. 

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Group shot of The Block Family characters

From left to right...

Barney: Neighbourhood weirdo 

Spid: Awkward fan of faded Hollywood Star 

Chico: Dirtbag boyfriend who had it coming to him

Jack: Parish priest who sees the funny side of things

Shelly: Wronged girlfriend who got her own back

Marianne: Glamorous older lady who lives up the road

Dino: Local hack who’s always on the sauce

Louie: A Cop who’s seen it all before

Rab: Marianne’s macho Scottish lover

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This is the project write-up Read the technical write-up