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Herd & Bird teaser animation

Herd & Bird

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Herd of Sheffield


The Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity

Finger Industries are proud to have been involved in Herd of Sheffield, an initiative from The Children’s Hospital Charity and Wild in Art which has seen businesses, communities, artists and schools creating over 50 elephants to be exhibited across Sheffield city during the summer of 2016.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital is very close to our hearts and coupled with our work in the Children’s media industry, we naturally jumped at the chance to support the Charity by designing and sponsoring our very own elephant.

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Herd & Bird Teaser

Render of Bird perched on elephant

Are you ready for the Stampede?


Herd of Sheffield logo, illustration of elephant blowing colourful water through his trunk.

The stampede takes place till October in the biggest public art event Sheffield has ever seen. Not only did we create our own teaser for Herd & Bird, above- to help promote the event, we also created this 2d short for the charity too.  

All the funds raised from the elephant auction after the trail will also go towards a life-saving piece of equipment that will make a huge difference to young patients and their families. Funds from sponsorship will go to Artfelt

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The Herd and Bird sculpture close ups

Team effort

From design, to 3d printing, animation and painting our elephant, the whole studio has in one form or another contributed to this project. It's been great to see the public response, with engagement across twitter, facebook and Instagram active during the event. 

The Herd and Bird sculpture wide shot
close up of 3d printed bird
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Photograph of the Herd of Sheffield Elephants in a row.

Follow the Stampede!

If your in Sheffield and get chance, make sure you check out the trail - the quality and variety is incredible, with artists from all over the City contributing. Elephants have been hand painted, vinyl stickered, swarovski embellished and everything in between. Find out more at

To keep up to speed with the our elephant goings on, follow @herdandbird

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This is the project write-up Read the technical write-up