Jingle Crumbs!

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Jingle Crumbs!


three animated characters stood in a kitchen. One of them is holding a tray of cookies whilst the other two look on mischievously.


To celebrate the festive season, we wanted to create a story that encapsulates the frivolity and fun of family life during Christmas. 

Jingle Crumbs! is seen from the perspective of a tray of biscuits on their journey from the oven to the sideboard, where they're soon to be iced - but it's not without chaos and mischief along the way. 

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A 3D still of a boy holding a tray of cookies, in the background on the stairs is his younger brother sneakily looking at the tray.
A 3D still of a young boy swinging from a sleigh hung to the ceiling whilst his older brother looks up, shocked.
A  3D still of a young boy holding a cookie in his hand, looking up mischievously at his older brother.
A 3D still of a kitchen in disarray with flour spilt on the floor and various items left on the counter tops and stove.

Fancy some baked goods?

If you have a project in mind or would like to collaborate with us, there might be a beautiful tin of biscuits up for grabs, just to butter you up...

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Image of younger kid character as biscuit.

...be quick though, these baked delights won't last forever!

Get in touch and we can show some work, chat through process or just answer any questions you might have.  Don't worry- we'll bring the biscuits! Just pop the kettle on for a decent brew and tell us that you've seen our give away. 

Thanks to the lovely team at biscuiteers for interpreting our character in hand baked, beautiful biscuit form. 

Happy Holidays xx

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This is the project write-up Read the technical write-up