Colour sketch from Mode of action of stylised internal gut and characters

Clinical Trial

Read the project write-up This is the technical write-up

2015 animation- THE BRIEF

The initial brief was to create a characterful animation, set in the gut. It needed to be a stylised piece that would engage and inform, for HCPs. Considerations for the audience when determining the look and feel of the characters was key. 

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Rough character sketches from Mode of Action
Colour rough of Clostridia bacteria
Colour rough of Bifidobacteria
3d render of Bifidobacteria

2016 animation

Following the success of the Mode of action- Clinical trail animation, we created a new piece to describe the affects of contamination in a hospital setting. We created new characters and scenes including a TV Studio style set and hospital scene where the mode of action took place. 

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Character rough sketches for contamination animation
character rough colour sketches from contamination animation
Character T-pose render
Character group render for animation
Still from animation of scientific character

The animation included a scientific character narrating; we used hair farm and created customised rigs, to really bring out her expression and movement, including using a flex modifier on her coat.  

We used light and reflection passes to create a sleek and modern 3d TV studio that was in keeping with the overall treatment.

Rendering was a technical challenge due to the floating CG TV monitor, which needed to act and look just like a physical monitor within the set, so we had to allow for plenty of time and processing power given all those studio lights and reflections.

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Craft Award, Animation
PM Society
Read the project write-up This is the technical write-up