3D rendered still of raw reflection pass for Visible Human

Visible Human

Read the project write-up This is the technical write-up
Initial sketches of visible human character
Refined sketch of visible human character
Greyscale of visible human character
Shadow pass of visible human
Render of visible human

Shape and texture. 

With her fantastic hair, we looked at shape and form of shorter hair styles, particularly around the ear to get the flow of the hair right. The t-shirt has a lovely soft texture- look closely and you'll even see that slight fluffiness you get with cotton.  

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comparison of render with and without glass

Cutaway solves

One of the challenges was bringing a sense of depth and mass where the mechanical anatomy can be seen. A nice solve was to use a glass panel effect with a reflection pass and to add depth of field on some of the mechanical parts. This prevented the cut away from the t-shirt feeling too flat and gave the humanoids body a more defined outer structure that felt more fluid in form. 

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Visible Human


Rendered still of Visible Human

Customised rigs

We've been spending R&D time on customised rigs in the studio, to really bring out expression and nuances. This piece was a great opportunity to put all that R&D into practice, especially in her face. We do love those dimples too...hope you like it!

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Read the project write-up This is the technical write-up