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Epic Season of Gaming

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R&D time

We used Qubicle Constructor by Minddesk - a user friendly voxel editor that can create 3d models from pixel artwork.

In order to test workflow and ensure a smooth production we initially spent R&D time with the software creating a little robot. Then we went on to the GAME characters...

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Screengrab of 2d Pirate

2D: Initially a 17x44 pixel image of a pirate was created in photoshop using the pencil tool.

Qubicle: Once the pixel artwork was imported in to Qubicle Constructor the pixels were given volume to become voxels within a matrix. From here Qubicle allows the user to select voxels and extrude them within the matrix. This means the model can be given depth and definition in 3D.

Screengrab of Pirate in Quibicle side view
Screengrab of Pirate in Quibicle
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3D: Once the 3D voxel model is completed it can be exported as an .obj and brought in to 3ds max as polygons.

Vray: A simple Vray shader was applied, with a VrayEdgeTex used as a bump node. This creates a round corners effect without having to alter the 3D model in anyway, and keep polygons down.

The model is then ready to rig and animate, just like any other character.

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final 3d render of car and pirate
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Read the project write-up This is the technical write-up