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Opening the door

If you're in the UK, have brilliant ideas and you want to get into advertising but don't know how, then this is for you. Maybe you feel the industry doesn't represent you or it just doesn't feel accessible. Whatever the reason, Folio wants to help. 

Folio is a free creative programme. It's a place to get your foot in the door.

Learn about the industry, meet a panel of top tier Creative Directors and create your first portfolio piece with mentorship and support along the way. 

You'll be in with a chance to have your idea brought to life for a real ad campaign.

Experience working with a UK Charity client, collaborate with an award-winning animation studio and lead with your creative vision. 

poster showing all the panellists, creative directors in the advertising industry.

Register your interest

Click here to enter the Folio program. Don't worry if you're not quite sure what to expect yet. We just need your name and email for now so we can send you a bit more information.

Do you want to know more about who is involved? Take a look see...

Elizabeth Townsend photo and bio
Jo Wallace photo and bio
Nene Parsotam photo and bio
Ciara O'Meara photo and bio
Nick Mason photo and bio
Shaheed Peera photo and bio
Sarah Nwume McGill photo and bio
Khalid Latif photo and bio
Evie Garner photo and bio

Pssst...Do you want to know who the charity is you'll be working with? 

We'll be announcing that real soon. Meantime, check out the FAQ's or register to participate, if you haven't already. 

Have questions? 

Download the FAQs doc or get in touch with any queries!

Keep checking in for the latest news. We'll have regular updates, so watch this space...(this one, right here). 

Folio featured in news. 

Check it out! 

Interested in a Folio press pack? Get in touch...

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