illustration of a black and white oxygen molecule on a plinth with oxygen label, part of the production artwork for Contructs.


Read the project write-up This is the technical write-up

In collaboration

with Dr. Katie Mack

What do you see, when you look at the world? At this infinite variety of objects. Colours, textures, weights, flavours...

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Ice cream truck artwork, showing textures and overall design to be interpreted into 3D
Artwork of the Citadel scene, in the design stage, featuring buildings, trees and structures in an orthographic design

What makes each person, animal, object, unique, special? There are around 90 chemical elements naturally found on this planet. But each one -  hydrogen, oxygen, or carbon, is just a construct...

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early rough sketch of component parts to be deconstructed

We started with a black and white deconstructed ice cream truck, as you do. Representing the notion that every object when broken down is made from the same constituent parts. Ice cream felt like a fun choice as far as metaphors go, playing on the idea of different flavours. From the ice cream server, to the sauce dispenser and everything in between, this scene works to connect the visuals to the poem. 

panel sketch of all the elements making up an ice cream truck, from the server to the engine and the ice cream, this is the sketch development from the pre production stage
Final 3D. Frame from animation
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A tiny, shivering mass of the same protons, neutrons, and electrons, found in any other. Same ingredients, different recipe. We are not, essentially, our constituent parts. We are the knowledge that unites them.

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Sketch of all the elements which feature in the animation, and universe
test shape with various textures, in an orthographic style which formed part of the design stage for look and feel
Read the project write-up This is the technical write-up